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The first step involves reaching out to us by phone or email to discuss your overall goals and what you wish to accomplish.   In addition, have also created a short design client questionnaire (below) we would strongly encourage you to complete which will aid us immensely in telling us more about your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.   

Re-Design of an existing home

As it relates to re-design of an existing home, we will typically schedule an appointment to come out to your home to document your existing conditions, take all necessary measurements and photograph your spaces.  

At the start of the design process, we will help you identify your unique style and what speaks to you emotionally while taking into account your practical and functional needs for your home.     

We will then interpret all the information we have gathered to develop a “design narrative” for your home which often incorporates vintage, antique, custom and newer furnishings to create spaces that are authentic, original and provocative!

As the design process evolves, we may utilize a number of different tools to help you better visual the designs we create for you including scaled floor plans, computer generated 3-d renderings and hand drawn sketches, as well as furniture, lighting, fabric and finish selections and paint colors. 

Once we have completed the design for your home, we will schedule a date and time to have you come into our studio for a full design presentation.

After the designs we have created for you have been approved, we take of everything including ordering, receiving and warehousing all furniture, lighting, rugs, and artwork. 

Once we have received all the pieces specified for your home, a future date is selected typically when you are away for a few days, we come in and install all furnishings, window treatments, rugs and artwork, down to the last accessory!  This of course will be followed by a big reveal on your return where you get the see and experience the finished spaces in your transformed home!

New Construction/Renovation

If you are either building a new home or performing significant renovations to an existing structure for which you have had preliminary plans drawn, the process works much the same as when designing existing spaces except we would typically consult with your architect and/or builder, preferably prior to the start of any construction, to insure that the implementation of the designs we create for you is integrated seamlessly into the fabric of the architectural design narrative. 

Unlike an existing home where you would have us come out to your residence for an initial consultation, we would set up an appointment with you at our design studio where we would perform a preliminary review of your plans and possibly suggest tweaks and improvements.  Thereafter, the design process would unfold much the same way as when designing existing spaces detailed above.    


  • Full service residential interior design firm including:

  • Interior decoration of entire houses and/or individual rooms

  • Remodel of one room or entire home

  • New construction consultation

  • Interior architectural design of new homes

  • Re-design of existing houses and room layouts

  • Space planning, floor plans, elevation drawings and 3D renderings

  • Creation of construction documents necessary for the implementation of our conceived design concepts


Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette & available across U.S.